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Consultancy Services

Open4Digital provide IT consultancy services that focus on our clients’ most critical business challenges and opportunities. With a focus on the adoption of Open Source solutions, to help bridge the IT gap in a digital age. We also offer training and bespoke software development.


Installation Services

Open4Digital offer a suite of installation services alongside its consultancy offering. Some software installs are relatively easy to set up. Some, however, can be quite complicated to install and setup.


Project Management Services

Open4Digital offers multi-disciplined, project management services throughout Lancashire. Helping clients complete projects completed on time and within budget, and to fully achieve their intended purpose.


Open Source Solutions

Linux Servers

Open4Digital offer installation and configuration services for Linux Servers, the operating system we select is Ubuntu.   Ubuntu is the leading and most popular open source operating system that is available.  Running on desktops, servers, the cloud and even on IoT devices.  Open4Digital provide installation and configuration services for Linux servers installing Ubuntu alongside other software suites that makeup LAMP and LEMP.   Open4Digital provide these services for “on-premise” hardware or “cloud” server providers.  The Open4Digital demo solutions are hosted on a LAMP stack hosted on a “cloud” server.

Client Relationship Management (CRM) Option 1

There is a wide variety of CRM’s available on the Open Source market.  SuiteCRM is actually based on a fork of its precursor SugarCRM.  SuiteCRM offers a wide range of services which might suit your business better, so check our their services.  Open4Digital do offer installation and configuration services for this solution, on-premise or on your own “cloud” server.  Whilst Open4Digital cannot compete with SuiteCRM, we are local and you control your own service.



Client Relationship Management (CRM) Option 2

YetiForce is another  CRM that has been “forked”, this time forked from Vtiger.   YetiForce is relatively new to the CRM market.  It is built on an old established CRM, the Yeti team have added a new look and feel to the CRM.  Open4Digital feel that YetiForce is worth looking at, check out the YetiForce website for more details. Open4Digital offer installation and configuration services for this solution, on-premise or on your own “cloud” server.

Accounting Software

Open4Digital uses the OpenSource solution called “Akaunting”, we think this solution is ideal for the small business and sole trader.  The solution runs on a web server, the functionality is clean and fresh.  The solution is easy to use and maintain.  You can check out the main site for Akaunting for more details about the feature-rich solution. Open4Digital offers installation and training services with this solution.  Installation can be “on-premise” or on a “cloud server”.


Customer Service

HESK is a help desk solution that is just ideal for the SME.  A small lightweight solution that does not try to be overly clever with features, bells and whistles.  It is a simple design.  Do not let the simplicity fool you.  The solution provides an ideal incident tracking system out of the box, click here for a full review.  Open4Digital offer installation, configuration and training services for this solution.  Hosted on a LAMP or LEMP solution, you can be up and running in less than half a day.  Contact me to arrange a demonstration.


Project Management

Open4Digital use two tools for project management.  A desktop solution called “Project-In-A-Box”.  For a web based solution, we do like qdPM.  It may not have all the bells and whistles of Microsoft Projects, but it is a free web-based project management tool suitable for a small team working on multiple projects. It is fully configurable. You can easily manage Projects, Tasks and People. Customers interact using a Ticket System that is integrated into Task management. Open4Digital offer installation and configuration services for this solution. We also offer training, but it is fairly intuitive to use.



WordPress now powers over 30% of websites across the globe, including this one! As the de-facto standard for publishing on the web, it has generated a new industry in themes, plug-ins, advice websites.  WordPress sits on top of the LAMP or LEMP stack.  Open4Digital offer advice, configuration and installation services for WordPress.  We also offer advice on “local” server install or “cloud” install.

And there is more ……

The Open Source market is quite large and diverse.  We can only cover a miniscule of options in the space we have.  If you do have a need for a solution, and not sure if one exists within the Open Source market then give us a call or contact us via the contact page.  We will endeavour to do our best to give impartial and practical advice on the solutions available for the small business and sole trader.

Our Strengths

Project Management and IT Delivery
IT Information Security, Data Protection and GDPR
IT Service Management, Change Management, Release Management
Software Installation, Software Development and Web Services

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