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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Data Protection Act 2018

General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR – Confused?!?

Yes, it can be a little like that. Trying to get to grips with the regulations that are mandated from the 25th May 2018?  Not many people realise that the regulations came into being on 27th April 2016!

The May 25th date looms shortly, is the date when the regulations actually become enforceable across the whole EU.  Until now, the general data protection regulations have been voluntary to allow EU countries time to amend any necessary legal framework’s and regulations within their own country.

Within the UK, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is the main regulatory body.  The ICO has responsibility for ensuring that these EU regulations are adhered to in the UK.  Check out their website, they have created a lot of useful content.

ICO Guide to General Data Protection Regulations

Are you ready? Want a free checklist?

So how ready are you for GDPR?  If you are unsure, then I have developed an EXCEL spreadsheet which asks a number of simple questions relating to the main pointers within the regulations.  The answers help to populate a Maturity Model chart.  You can then use this to help you gauge which areas to concentrate your efforts on.

GDPR Readiness Maturity Model

Sample GDPR Readiness Maturity Model.

If you want a copy of the spreadsheet, then it is FREE!  To get your copy, please use the form below.

I have tried to make the spreadsheet easy to use, but if you do have any useful suggestions please get in touch.

The spreadsheet is free to to use, you will need EXCEL.  The chart itself is drawn depending on the answers you provide in the spreadsheet.  The sheet requires selection of one answer from a drop-down box, and is very easy to use.   It is available to use at your risk, the spreadsheet does not constitute legal advice and there is a disclaimer that you will need to accept in order to use the spreadsheet.