Help Desk


Looking for an Easy to Use Help Desk Solution

HESK help desk enables you to receive, organise, track and resolve your customer support issues.  HESK is very easy to use.  A light-weight application, in so much it does what it says on the tin, it does not try to be overly  It includes a simple and easy to use interface for your customers.  Hosted on a web server, you can link to it from your own website or add to your own site.  The solution runs on a LAMP/LEMP stack and offers some albeit limited options to change the look and feel.  Open4help-desk-adminDigital can install, configure and apply some local changes to look and feel.

This solution is very quick to set up, you can be up and running with a basic configuration and system administration training within half a day.  The ticket base solution works immediately out of the box.

Ticket Logging and Knowledgebase

To make use of the knowledgebase functionality, you will need to spend some time thinking about the taxonomy and content.  Tailoring is possible, the example screenshots include some elements of tailoring on top of the “out of the box” deployment.  For illustrative purposes, a “consent” field has been added to the support ticket form.  We can then display the “consent” status for support analysts when reviewing tickets.

Please contact me, if you wish to have a more detailed demonstration and conversation around the various configuration and tailoring options possible.