Installation Services

Open4Digital offer a suite of installation services alongside its consultancy offering. Some software installs are relatively easy to set up. Some, however, can be quite complicated to install and setup.

Open4Digital installation services can help you with all of the installation processes.  Taking the hassle out of installing the simple programs, to the expertise you need for the complicated installs. Including setup and configuration of your “on-premise” server or “cloud” server.

Significant Industry Experience

Working within the IT industry for over 30 years.  Delivery and installation of IT server infrastructure within Data Centre’s and client-server rooms across UK and Ireland.  Computer Server RoomSignificant senior management experience, managing and leading a UK wide department consisting of 75+ engineers, team leaders and managers.

Open Source Solutions

Open4Digital are passionate about open source.  The open source model is the bedrock of the digital age we live in. The majority of the internet services you use today are built on the back of open source software?

Linux servers dominate the server world and are the main operating system in use on supercomputers.  We may not see Linux much on our Desktop PC’s or Laptops, but without it, most of today’s smartphones would be simply a mobile phone!  The Andriod OS is based on a Linux kernel.  Linux is used by big businesses,  public sector and governments across the globe.

Open Source SoftwareThe Apache HTTPD project has been running for over 20 years now. Despite being 20 years old and challenged by newcomers such as NGINX (another open source project), around 43% of active websites are still using Apache.

The Open Source solutions we recommend are hosted on these robust web services that form the bedrock of the internet and the digital age we live in today.   The best news is that there are no licence fees to worry about.

New Solutions for a Digital Age

Open4Digital provide installation services to help small businesses and sole traders adopt Open Source solutions for their immediate and future business needs.   We have experience in installing and deploying LAMP (Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP) servers.  In addition, we also provide installation and basic configuration of the Open Source solutions we recommend.

The Open Source market is considerable, there is likely to be an Open Source solution available for your particular business need.  Open4Digital specialise in reviewing the best of breed solutions available as Open Source and offer advice on what solutions are most suited to your particular business needs.

Our goal is to drive up adoption of Open Source solutions by small businesses and sole traders.  If the expertise for the solution that is best suited for your need, exists elsewhere, we will help and assist in selecting the appropriate partner.  If we have expertise and knowledge to install a solution you are interested in, then we are here to help.  We will not install solutions we have never tested or installed in our demonstration environment.

On-Premise or Cloud

Open4Digital is able to install solutions as part of an on-premise server or cloud server.  For an on-premise server, then Open4Digital will require details of the server and specifications prior to the commencement of any order.  Alternatively, Open4Digital can install solutions onto a cloud server.

Open4Digital have experience in deploying LAMP and LEMP servers with AWS (Amazon Web Services), DigitalOcean and Vultr.  The servers that host Open4Digital demonstration environments are hosted on DigitalOcean instances or Vultr instances operating out of London.  These environments operate quite well and have a price tag that will suit the small business or sole trader.